cosecure box

Learn more about COSECURE Cattle

Legal category: POM-VPS medicine

COSECURE Cattle Boluses1 have been shown to improve fertility in an independent trial2

Supplies ionic copper, ionic cobalt and selenium for up to 6 months

coseicure box

Learn more about COSEICURE Cattle

Legal category: Complementary dietic feedstuff


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Use Medicines Responsibly.

1 Cosecure Cattle Bolus Continuous Release Intraruminal Device is a POM-VPS product which contains copper, cobalt and selenium. For further product information, including contraindications, see the SPC or packaging. Further information should be sought from the prescriber.

2 Moeini, M.M., Telfer, S.B. and Sanjabi, M.R. (2003) ‘THE EFFECT OF COSECURE® SUPPLEMENTATION ON THE COPPER STATUS AND FERTILITY OF GRAZING HOLSTEIN - FRIESIAN DAIRY CATTLE’ Abstracts – Poster presentations at 11th ICPD, Acta vet. scand. Suppl. 98. *Cows grazed on pasture significantly high in molybdenum and treated with Cosecure boluses showed a significant improvement (p<0.05) in number of services to conception (1.7 ± 0.2 vs. 2.5 ± 0.3) and significantly shorter calving intervals (371 ± 10 Vs. 407 ±15) compared to control (untreated) cows. Poor fertility is a complex issue with many causes. Where deficiencies in copper, cobalt or selenium exist; or where thiomolybdate toxicity occurs, these can affect fertility. Date advert designed: August 2021. MCR1120.

3 CoseIcure Cattle is a complementary dietetic feedstuff which contains copper, cobalt, selenium and iodine. Nutritional supplementation should only be given on the advice of a veterinary surgeon, nutritionist or animal health adviser; where appropriate diagnostics have taken place and a need for supplementation has been identified. Oversupplying trace elements can result in toxicity.