Our COSECURE Boluses

Our COSECURE soluble glass boluses supply rumen-available ionic copper, ionic cobalt and ionic selenium, at a controlled and constant rate, for up to 6 months in cattle.

Dissolution of bolus over a number of months

bolus-progressionThe bolus dissolves at a controlled and constant rate for up to 6 months in cattle, continuously delivering essential trace elements to the animal

With their unique rumen-available ionic copper, they both treat and prevent copper deficiency.

What’s more, they are also suitable to both prevent and treat Thiomolybdate Toxicity (TMT), which is caused by sulphur and molybdenum absorption and is often mistaken for copper deficiency.

Our Cosecure Cattle boluses are the only multiple trace element boluses which are registered as LM in Ireland and POM-VPS in the UK.

Indications: For use in areas of copper and selenium deficiencies and for the improvement of cobalt supply 

COSECURE boluses contain copper, selenium and cobalt


Cosecure Cattle boluses have a unique ionic copper formulation, which is highly effective at treating and preventing copper deficiency. The unique, ionic copper is rumen-available , which allows the boluses to also treat and prevent a condition called Thiomolybdate Toxicity (TMT) which can be detrimental to fertility, thrive and productivity. Thiomolybdate Toxicity is caused by molybdenum and sulphur absorption and is often mistaken for copper deficiency.


Selenium deficiency can result in White Muscle Disease, impaired reproduction, reduced immunity and reduced milk production.


Cobalt is required for the production of vitamin B12, which is important for thrive and fertility. The body has no capacity to store cobalt, meaning cobalt must be continuously supplied.


Our COSECURE1 Cattle boluses contain:

  • 13.4% Ionic Copper
  • 0.50% Ionic Cobalt
  • 0.30% Selenium

Meat & Milk Usage:
Meat, milk and offal may be used directly after administration

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Always consult your prescriber prior to using boluses.
1. Cosecure Cattle Legal Category: UK: POM-VPS, Ireland: LM