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Supplies ionic copper, ionic cobalt, and selenium at levels compatible with the animal’s daily requirements for up to eight months.

Each Bolus Contains:

  • 13.4% w/w ionic copper
  • 0.50% w/w ionic cobalt
  • 0.15% w/w selenium


A cylindrical blue glass continual release intraruminal device.

COSECURE Sheep boluses are not a registered medicine, such as require authorisation by the HPRA

  • Warning: Copper Toxicity In Sheep & Lambs

    There is increased risk of copper toxicity associated with housed sheep and certain sheep breeds.

    • Please seek professional advice before using Cosecure or CoseIcure boluses in sheep/lambs housed or to be housed when the product is still active.
    • Please seek professional advice before using Cosecure or CoseIcure boluses in continental breeds and Blue Faced Leicesters which are more prone to copper toxicity.

Are they different from other boluses?

Yes. Bimeda revolutionary boluses are completely unique

As Thiomolybdate (MoS4) will first deplete copper in the rumen and, if there is not adequate copper there, bind to copper in the blood stream, it is vital that the bolus copper becomes active in the rumen. This is where Cosecure boluses are active. stomach sheep

Some capsules deliver copper in the form of copper oxide. However copper oxide requires a low pH to become active. As the normal range of rumen pH is higher, between pH 5.5 and 6.5, it is chemically impossible for copper oxide to become active here. Copper oxide only becomes active in the abomasum (which has a pH range of 2 to 4), where it may simply be absorbed into the body and cannot stop the thiomolybdate uptake into the blood.

Sheep Bolus Applicator Instructions

Sheep Applicator Instructions

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