Dairy Farmer Explains the Difference that CoseIcure Boluses Make to his Cattle.

Mr Eamon Rice runs a dairy farm in Markethill, Co Armagh. He milks 180 cows and has another 150 stock on the farm. His milk yield stands at 9,500. Eamon talks to us about his experience with CoseIcure Boluses:

“Last winter, I found my dairy cows were having calving problems. These problems presented themselves in the form of retained placentas and dystocia. I was at a loss as to why my cows were having so much trouble calving down.”

“It was suggested to me that such problems may be linked to trace element deficiency. My vet investigated this further and found that the cows were lacking the essential trace elements of Copper, Cobalt, Selenium and Iodine. A continuous supply of these elements is vital for the health and fertility for the dairy cow. I was recommended CoseIcure boluses as they continuously supply exactly the same level of the trace elements for up to six months. So I did not have to worry about peaks and toughs in supplementation.”

“As a result of these findings, I administered CoseIcure boluses to all my cows at the drying off period. My vet stressed the importance of correct nutrition of the dry cow and how trace elements play a vital role here. This year, the health and body condition of my cows has improved. I have had a smooth calf down, with little or no calving issues.”

Fertility is a complex issue and many issues can contribute to issues with reproduction. Nutrition is one of many factors that may contribute. If you suspect trace element issues are affecting your herd or flock, speak to your vet for further advice. Trace element supplementation should only be provided where a need to do so has been identified and on the advice of a vet or nutritionist.



Available for cattle, sheep and lambs

  • check1IONIC COBALT
  • check1SELENIUM
  • check1IONIC COPPER


Available for cattle and sheep

  • check1IONIC COBALT
  • check1SELENIUM
  • check1IONIC COPPER
  • check1IODINE