peter bonePeter BoneAbout Peter Bone

Peter Bone owns an independent agricultural consultancy called Livestock and Grassland Mineral Consultancy which specialises in ruminant mineral nutrition.

Peter has spent over 30 years in the field of mineral nutrition, working with livestock farmers and veterinary practitioners. Peter believes in a scientific, analysis-led approach to ruminant nutrition. This ensures inputs and the trace element status of animals are fully understood, before supplementation plans are developed. This diagnostic-led approach enables targeted, cost effective supplementation across all livestock sectors, supported by monitoring protocols, which can result in savings through the targeted use of supplements. Information gathered in this manner may also identify medium to long term approaches which may actually decrease the requirement for supplementation. Peter’s philosophy is that ‘more is not necessarily better’ when it comes to trace element supplementation, and Peter is a firm believer in the need for a scientific-led approach to ruminant nutrition.

Peter’s work has taken him around the world, including to locations such as New Zealand and Mexico where he has been invited to speak at inter-national events. He is also currently involved in research projects and training programmes linked to livestock mineral nutrition.

The winner of Bimeda’s competition will receive a Total On Farm Mineral Audit from Peter Bone, including diagnostic testing in partnership with your vet, and with a value of up to £2,000. Terms and conditions apply.

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